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Welcome to GroceryHop - Your Free Grocery Price List

Grocery bills are the second highest monthly expenditure after housing for most households. Consumers are shopping at multiple stores ("GroceryHopping") in search of the latest sales to maximize grocery savings.

Our free Grocery List & Grocery Price Book will tell you:

  • How the latest sale compares with your lowest unit price paid at all the stores you shop.
  • Why your grocery bill is rising - which items are you paying more for and buying more of?
  • Which store do you generally find the better prices?

Our easy to use tools to help you save money include:

  • An easy to create, reusable Grocery List that shows your lowest unit price paid per item. If you see a sale while at the store, simply check it against your grocery list!
  • Instant Analysis highlights your items increasing in both cost and quantity purchased.
  • Complete Item Summary, Detail and Trend Analysis for additional information.
GroceryHop is based on information you provide. Register today!