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Below are our actual grocery items, for a family of 2 adults and 3 children. Register today and create your own grocery list and grocery price book!

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  Unit Price Total Units Total Spend
Item 3 Mo Low 3 Mo Low Store desc 3 Mo Trend MR %Change Mo/Mo %Change 1 Mo Total Mo/Mo %Change
Zucchini    Vegetables>Zucchini              
Ziti Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Pasta              
Wraps    Bread>Tortillas              
Wipes    Baby>Wipes              
Winter Squash    Vegetables>Squash              
Watermelon    Fruits>Watermelon              
Waffles    Breakfast>Waffles              
Veggie Dip    Flavorings>Veggie Dip              
Veggie Burger    Vegetables>Veggie Burger              
Vegetable Soup Mix    Pasta & Sides>Soup              
V8    Beverages>Juice - Other              
Tylenol    Medicine>Tylenol/Motrin              
Tv Dinner    Prepared Foods>Microwave Meals              
Turkey    Meat - Deli>Turkey              
Tropicana Orange Juice    Beverages>Orange Juice              
Tomatos    Vegetables>Tomatoes              
Tomato Sauce Canned    Pasta & Sides>Sauce              
Tomato Canned    Vegetables>Tomatoes              
Toilet Paper    Paper & Plastic>Toilet Paper              
Toaster Struddled    Breakfast>Frozen              
Tissues    Paper & Plastic>Tissues              
Tilapia    Seafood>Tilapia              
Teddy Grahams    Candy & Snacks>Cookies              
Tang    Beverages>Juice Powder              
Taco Dinner Kit    Prepared Foods>Other              
Swiss Cheese    Meat - Deli>Swiss Cheese              
Sweet Potatoes    Vegetables>Potato              
Sweet Peppers    Vegetables>Peppers              
String Cheese    Dairy>Cheese              
Strawberries    Fruits>Strawberries              
Steak Seasoning    Flavorings>Spices              
Steak    Prepared Foods>Other              
Steak    Meat>Steak              
Stage 2    Baby>Food              
Stage 1    Baby>Food              
Square Cheese    Dairy>Cheese              
Spring Water    Beverages>Water - Sparkling              
Spring Water    Beverages>Water - Bottled              
Sponge    Cleaners>Cleaning Pads              
Spinach    Vegetables>Spinach              
Spaghetti Squash    Vegetables>Squash              
Spaghetti Sauce    Pasta & Sides>Sauce              
Soy Sauce    Flavorings>Soy Sauce              
Sour Cream    Dairy>Sour Cream              
Soup    Prepared Foods>Other              
Soup    Pasta & Sides>Soup              
Sorbet    Desserts>Sorbet              
Son's Orange Juice    Beverages>Orange Juice              
Son's Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Macaroni & Cheese              
Son's Cereal    Breakfast>Cereal              
Soft Soap    Toiletries>Soft Soap              
Soda    Beverages>Soft Drinks Diet              
Snuggle Sheets    Cleaners>Dryer Sheets              
Snapple    Beverages>Ice Tea              
Snack Packs    Candy & Snacks>Other              
Smoothies    Desserts>Smoothie              
Smart Choice Noodles    Prepared Foods>Other              
Smart Choice Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Pasta              
Shredded Cheese    Dairy>Cheese              
Seasoned Veggies    Vegetables>Mixed              
Scallions    Vegetables>Onions              
Sandwich Bags    Paper & Plastic>Sandwich Bags              
Samosas    Prepared Foods>Other              
Salsa    Flavorings>Salsa              
Salad With Dressing    Vegetables>Salad Mix              
Salad Mix    Vegetables>Salad Mix              
Salad    Flavorings>Salad Dressing              
Rice Cakes    Candy & Snacks>Rice Cakes              
Rice    Pasta & Sides>Rice              
Red Potatoes    Vegetables>Potato              
Red Pepper    Vegetables>Peppers              
Red Onion    Vegetables>Onions              
Ravioli    Prepared Foods>Other              
Raspberries    Fruits>Raspberries              
Qt Freezer Bags    Paper & Plastic>Freezer Bags              
Pull Ups 2-3t    Baby>Diapers              
Pudding Cups    Desserts>Pudding              
Pringles    Candy & Snacks>Chips              
Pringle Sticks    Candy & Snacks>Chips              
Pretzels    Candy & Snacks>Pretzels              
Potato Bread    Bread>White Bread              
Potato    Vegetables>Potato              
Plums    Fruits>Plums              
Pizza    Prepared Foods>Pizza              
Pineapple    Fruits>Pineapple              
Picante    Meat - Deli>Provolone Cheese              
Perdue Short Cuts    Meat>Chicken              
Pepperoni    Meat - Deli>Pepperoni              
Pediasure    Baby>Other              
Peanut Butter    Flavorings>Peanut Butter              
Peaches    Fruits>Peaches              
Pasta Salad    Pasta & Sides>Pasta              
Parmesan Wheel    Dairy>Cheese              
Paper Towels    Paper & Plastic>Paper Towels              
Pancakes    Breakfast>Pancakes              
Organic Whole Milk    Dairy>Milk - Whole              
Organic Juice    Beverages>Juice - Other              
Oranges    Fruits>Oranges              
Onions    Vegetables>Onions              
Onion Rolls    Bread>Rolls - Other              
Oj Concentrate    Beverages>Orange Juice              
Nuts    Candy & Snacks>Nuts              
Nutella    Flavorings>Peanut Butter              
Nectarines    Fruits>Nectarines              
Nail Polish Remover    Toiletries>Other              
Muffins    Bread>Muffins              
Mothers Milk Tea    Beverages>Tea              
Moms Oatmeal    Breakfast>Oatmeal              
Mom's Yogurt    Dairy>Yogurt              
Mom's Toothpaste    Toiletries>Toothpaste              
Mom's Snacks    Candy & Snacks>Candy              
Mom's Fiber Cereal    Breakfast>Cereal              
Mom's Cereal    Breakfast>Cereal              
Mom's Bread    Bread>Wheat Bread              
Mixed Veggies    Vegetables>Mixed              
Mixed Pepper    Vegetables>Peppers              
Mini Muffins    Breakfast>Frozen              
Meatballs    Meat>Beef              
Mayo    Flavorings>Mayonnaise              
Mashed Potatoes    Prepared Foods>Other              
Mash Potatoes    Prepared Foods>Microwave Meals              
Marinade    Flavorings>Salad Dressing              
Lucky Charms    Breakfast>Cereal              
Lime    Fruits>Lime              
Lemonade    Beverages>Juice - Other              
Laundry Detergent    Cleaners>Laundry Detergent              
Lasanga Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Pasta              
Kielbasa    Meat>Sausage              
Kids Oatmeal    Breakfast>Oatmeal              
Kid's Yogurt    Dairy>Yogurt              
Kid's Smoothie    Desserts>Smoothie              
Ketchup    Flavorings>Ketchup              
Juice Boxes    Beverages>Juice Boxes              
Jello-O    Baking>Jello              
Jar Spices    Flavorings>Spices              
Jack Daniels Pulled Chicken    Meat>Chicken              
Instant Chocolate - CIB    Breakfast>Other              
Icing    Baking>Frosting              
Ice Tea    Beverages>Ice Tea              
Ice Cream Bars    Desserts>Frozen Bars              
Ice Cream    Dairy>Ice Cream              
Ice    Prepared Foods>Other              
Hummus    Flavorings>Hummus              
Hot Pockets    Prepared Foods>Microwave Meals              
Hot Dogs    Meat>Hot Dogs              
Hot Dog Rolls    Bread>Hot Dog Rolls              
Hormel Dinner    Meat>Beef              
Hoagie Rolls    Bread>Hoagie Rolls              
Hamburgers    Meat>Beef              
Hamburger Rolls    Bread>Hamburger Rolls              
Hamburger Helper    Prepared Foods>Other              
Half & Half    Dairy>Creamer              
Hair Gel    Toiletries>Hair Styling              
Ground Turkey    Meat>Turkey              
Green Pepper    Vegetables>Peppers              
Green Beans    Vegetables>Beans              
Grapes    Fruits>Grapes              
Grape Jam    Flavorings>Jelly              
Granola Bars    Breakfast>Bars              
Graduates Meal Tubs    Baby>Food              
Generic Cheerios    Breakfast>Cereal              
Gatorade    Beverages>Sports Drinks              
Garlic Salt    Flavorings>Salt              
Fruit Snacks    Candy & Snacks>Candy              
Fruit Juice    Beverages>Juice - Other              
Fruit Cups    Fruits>Mixed              
Fried Chicken 8pc    Prepared Foods>Other              
Fresh Basil    Flavorings>Spices              
French Fries    Prepared Foods>Other              
Foam Soap    Toiletries>Soap              
Flavored Water    Beverages>Water - Bottled              
Flavored Rice    Pasta & Sides>Rice              
Flavored    Dairy>Milk - Chocolate              
Flat Bread    Bread>Wheat Bread              
Family    Prepared Foods>Microwave Meals              
English Muffins    Bread>Muffins              
Eggs    Dairy>Eggs              
Egg Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Pasta              
Edame    Vegetables>Beans              
Dove    Toiletries>Soap              
Doritos    Candy & Snacks>Chips              
Donuts/cakes    Desserts>Pastries              
Dishwasher Tablets    Cleaners>Dishwasher Detergent              
Dish Soap    Cleaners>Dishwashing Soap              
Dino Nuggets    Meat>Chicken              
Diced Tomatoes    Vegetables>Tomatoes              
Diapers Size 3    Baby>Diapers              
Diapers Size 2    Baby>Diapers              
Diapers Size 1    Baby>Diapers              
Diapers Newborn    Baby>Diapers              
Deli Salad    Prepared Foods>Other              
Decaf Tea Bags    Beverages>Tea              
Dad's Gum    Candy & Snacks>Gum              
Custom Birthday Cake    Prepared Foods>Other              
Curly Noodles    Pasta & Sides>Macaroni & Cheese              
Cucumbers    Vegetables>Cucumber              
Crystal Light    Beverages>Juice Powder              
Crescent Rolls    Bread>Refrigerated Bread              
Cream Cheese    Dairy>Cream Cheese              
Cracker Barrel    Dairy>Cheese              
Cottage Cheese    Dairy>Cottage Cheese              
Corn On Cob    Vegetables>Corn              
Cooking Spray    Flavorings>Cooking Spray              
Cookies    Candy & Snacks>Cookies              
Cookie Sheets    Paper & Plastic>Other              
Conditioner    Toiletries>Conditioner              
Clorox Wipes    Cleaners>Wipes              
Clementine    Fruits>Clementine              
Chocolate Milk Mix    Beverages>Milk Powder              
Chips    Candy & Snacks>Chips              
Chicken Strips    Prepared Foods>Microwave Meals              
Chicken Drumsticks    Meat>Chicken              
Chicken Broth    Pasta & Sides>Soup              
Chicken & Rice    Pasta & Sides>Rice              
Chicken    Meat>Chicken              
Cherries    Fruits>Cherries              
Chef Boyardee Meals    Prepared Foods>Other              
Cheetos    Baby>Food              
Cheddar Slices    Dairy>Cheese              
Celery    Vegetables>Celery              
Carrots    Vegetables>Carrots              
Cake Mix    Baking>Cake Mix              
Ca Gpa Cereal    Breakfast>Cereal              
Butter    Dairy>Butter              
Broccoli    Vegetables>Broccoli              
Body Lotion    Toiletries>Body Lotion              
Blueberries    Fruits>Blueberries              
Blackberries    Fruits>Blackberries              
Bbq Sauce    Flavorings>BBQ Sauce              
Barber Foods Chicken    Meat>Chicken              
Bar Soap    Toiletries>Soap              
Bananas    Fruits>Bananas              
Balsamic Vinegar    Flavorings>Vinegar              
Bagged Lettuce    Vegetables>Lettuce              
Bagelfuls    Breakfast>Frozen              
Baby Mylicon Drops    Medicine>Antacid/Gas              
Baby Cereal    Baby>Food              
Avocados    Fruits>Avocados              
Asparagus    Vegetables>Asparagus              
Apples    Fruits>Apples              
Apple Sauce    Fruits>Apples              
Apple Juice    Beverages>Apple Juice              
Apple Chips    Candy & Snacks>Chips              
Apple Bread    Bread>Other Bread              
Agave Nectar    Baking>Sugar              
4C Ice Tea    Beverages>Ice Tea              
3 In 1 Sheets    Cleaners>Other              
1% Milk    Dairy>Milk - 1%              
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